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SPG members Joannah Luetjens, Paul 't hart together with Michael Mintrom have published 'Succesful Public Policy: Lessons from Australia and New Zealand. 



Mallory Compton and Paul 't Hart published  'Great Policy Successes: How Governments Get It Right in a Big Way at Least Some of the Time. Or, A Tale About Why It’s Amazing That Governments Get So Little Credit for Their Many Everyday and Extraordinary Achievements as Told by Sympathetic Observers Who Seek to Create Space for a Less Relentlessly Negative View of Our Pivotal Public Institutions.'


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SPG teammembers are working on a third volume called: Guardians of Value: How Public Organizations Institutionalize, Adapt and Thrive. This volume builds on and reinvigorates a scholarly tradition of learning from successful organizations. The detailed but compact case studies, written by expert authors, will provide insights for practitioners, scholars, and students alike. The collection allows for broad, pattern-finding comparisons and lend themselves to classroom use by providing vivid narratives.

The current Corona crisis demonstrates the importance of strong government interventions and good leadership. During this crisis SPG-team members have been reflecting on the meaning of the Corona crisis for successful public governance. For example, by collecting cases of successful crisis management in the past, reflecting on the differences in mitigation strategy between countries and writing about the importance of leadership in times of crises. About this they have been writing blogs, hosted webinars and were featured on podcasts.

         Read about the work of the SPG-team during the Corona-crisis on the Publication, Events and Presentation pages. 

Successful Public Governance during the Corona Pandemic

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