Boin, A., Fahy, L. A., & ’t Hart, P. (Eds.). (2021). Guardians of public value: How public organisations become and remain institutions.

How have well known public organisations become institutions? Guardians of Public Value, edited by SPG-team members Paul ‘t Hart and Lauren Fahy, in collaboration with Arjen Boin (Leiden University), examines how some organisations rise to prominence and remain in high public esteem through changing and challenging times. This open access book presents worldwide case studies, from the BBC to Doctors Without Borders, from the Amsterdam Concertgebouw Orchestra to CERN. This case study format makes this volume ideal for classroom use and practitioners alike. In an era where public institutions are increasingly under threat, this volume also offers concrete lessons for contemporary organisation leaders.

Jo Luetjens, Michael Mintrom and Paul 't Hart (eds) (2019) Public Policy Successes in Australia and New Zealand

How we seek to reset the agenda for teaching, research and dialogue on public policy performance in Australia and New Zealand through the presentation and comparison of in-depth case-study accounts of the genesis and evolution of stand-out public policy accomplishments.  A pdf file of the published book in full can be found here. All chapters separately can be found here.

Mallory Compton and Paul 't Hart (eds) (2019) Great Policy Successes

How Governments Get It Right in a Big Way at Least Some of the Time. Or, A Tale About Why It’s Amazing That Governments Get So Little Credit for Their Many Everyday and Extraordinary Achievements as Told by Sympathetic Observers Who Seek to Create Space for a Less Relentlessly Negative View of Our Pivotal Public Institution.

A review of this book by Allan McConnell published in the Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis can be read Here.​ 

To read more context about this book you could follow these three links, which can also be found in Popular publications:

't Hart, P. & Lars Tummers (2019) 'Understanding Public Leadership' by: Red Globe Press

A new edition of a popular textbook that provides a systematic and up-to-date introduction to the different approaches to understanding leadership in the public sector. This text draws together a wide range of enduring and cutting-edge scholarship to provide a clear and concise overview of the area. Written by two of the field’s leading experts, it uses real-world case studies to unpack the dilemmas and complexities facing leaders in contemporary democracies.

Now streamlined to further help students navigate this widely debated area, this is the ideal text for undergraduate and postgraduate modules on leadership on public administration and management courses. Moreover, with its balance between theory and applicability it is also a valuable resource for training courses for public sector professionals.

Paul 't Hart, Dienen en Beïnvloeden: Verhalen Over Ambtelijk Vakmanschap, Den Haag: NSOB 2018.

This book, written in Dutch and titled Dienen en Beinvloeden: Verhalen Over Ambtelijk Vakmanschap, examines the craft of top civil servants through an up close examination of the 40-year career of the former secretary of the Dutch Prime minister's department, Wim Kuijken. Centrepiece of the book are 7 case narratives about complex and high profile cases, each examining a different set of professional and leadership challenges to top civil servants. Each case narrative is followed by a reflective essay, placing the events of the case in a broader context.


The book is open access and can be downloaded here.

Strangio, P., 't Hart, P., & Walter, J. (2017). The Pivot of Power: Australian Prime Ministers and Political Leadership, 1949-2016. The Miegunyah Press.

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