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Douglas, S., van Erp, J., and P. ‘t Hart (forthcoming) Searching for successful governance: a heuristic assessment tool

This artical is set up as a funnel consisting of three assessment filters, each containing specific tests, the framework operationalizes governance success in terms of  (1) meaningful public outcomes, (2) the prudent use of public power, and (3) the ability to sustain public performance over time. Each of the three filters will be elaborated in light of existing literature.

Douglas, S., 't Hart, P. et al. (Forthcoming) Towards Positive Public Administration: A Manifesto

SPG members Scott Douglas and Paul 't Hart together with  Chris Ansell, Lotte Bøgh Andersen, Matthew Flinders, Brian Head, Donald Moynihan, Tina Nabatchi, Janine O’Flynn, B. Guy Peters, Jos Raadschelders, Alessandro Sancino, Thomas Schillemans, Eva Sorensen, Jacob TorfingPublic are writing a Manifesto pleading for balance in the field of Public administration. Inspired by comparable developments in other disciplines, we outline the concrete steps and challenges in launching a “Positive Public Administration,” an approach to research and scholarship that examines the degree to which, the manner in which, and the conditions under which public policies, programs, projects, organizations, networks, and partnerships thrive, advance important democratic values, and produce widely valued societal outcomes.

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