Guardians of Value Workshop

On the 22nd to the 24th of September 2019, SPG organized a author workshop for the upcoming volume Guardians of Value: How Public Organizations Institutionalize, Adapt and Thrive. On the 22nd a more casual meet up was held, and the other two days were used to discuss the chapters that will be included in the volume. Overall it were very fruitful days with in depth disscusions.

Here follows a short introduction into the volume Guardians of Value. Public institutions embody values important to our society. Courts embody our dedication to justice. Armed forces our concern with security. Public education our commitment to equity. Institutions guard these values against attack or erosion.


Yet today, trust in our public institutions has never been lower. Their legitimacy and authority is regularly called into question. No institution, no matter how powerful and well-reputed, is completely safe from the churning tides of public opinion. How can public institutions hope to survive in these hostile times?


To answer this question, Guardians of Value brings together case studies of public institutions from around the world and across history. From the BBC to CERN to the Indian Election Commission, this volume asks how these extraordinary institutions came to be, and how they survived and thrived against the odds.


This volume builds on and reinvigorates a scholarly tradition of learning from successful organizations. The detailed but compact case studies, written by expert authors, will provide insights for practitioners, scholars, and students alike. The collection allows for broad, pattern-finding comparisons and lend themselves to classroom use by providing vivid narratives.


Guardians of Value will be published – with complete open access to every chapter – in 2020.

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