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What is the best that could come from this crisis?

The Corona crisis is putting immense pressure on societies, economies, and governments around the world. Looking beyond the crisis, the Utrecht University has asked researchers from across the world and different disciplines what good may eventually come from this crisis. Their responses are listed below.


Global problems are linked directly to local solutions

“How the issue is handled at the moment seems a 'scale mismatch' (Castells): a global problem which is experienced at the local level is being handled at the national level.

Shift the focus to collaborations of cities (transnational city networks) in combination with the UN - WHO. [We can] adopt and adapt the successful experiments which are being conducted in the sustainability domain.”

Karin Geuijen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

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Cities take care of the world’s most vulnerable people

"Solve the most dangerous situations first, among these the refugee camps in which people live cramped, in non-hygienic circumstances, and without proper health care.

[We can] adopt and adapt the example of cities all over Europe who offer to welcome the most vulnerable people who are now living in irregular camps, for example in Greece”

Karin Geuijen, Utrecht University, The Netherlands

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