Success in Public Governance-ECT Program Presentation by Paul 't Hart on 22 Apr. 2015

Scott Douglas presents In Search of Successful Governance on 7 Oct. 2016

Scott Douglas and Paul 't Hart present on Verwachtingen van de Overheid on 2 Dec. 2016

Stefanie Beyens and Scott Douglas present on De Succesvolle Verandering on 19 Jan. 2017

Introduction to the Successful Public Governance Program- the SPG Team on 8 Feb. 2017

Paul 't Hart presents on Samenwerking Als Bestuurlijke Opgave in Nieuwegein on 9 February 2017. 

SPG Workshop Keynote Day-1: Defining Success. 1 Mar. 2017

SPG Workshop Keynote Day-3: Studying Successful Governance-Moving forward. 3 Mar. 2017 

Paul 't Hart presents on Good Governance, Successful Societies in Utrecht, 28 March, 2017

Paul ‘t Hart gpresents on Publiek leiderschap in times of deinstitutionalization in VNG, 13 June, 2017

SPG Workshop Keynote Day-2: Cases Discussion. 2 Mar. 2017

Keynote Speech Paul 't Hart, VNG Ambtelijke Topconferentie, De Fabrique, Nieuwegein, 22 Maart 2017

Paul 't Hart presents Leading for Public Sector Success in the VUCA Age in a training session for the danish national, regional and local civil servants on 15 May 2017. 

Scott Douglas went on an ANZSOG-sponsored lecture tour around Australia and New Zealand in July and August 2017. He presented Successful Public Governance to more than 600 civil servants in different cities.

Reflectie op de leerpraktijkenbijeenkomst 24 okt 2017 – team SPG en VOM

Dr. Lieske van der Torre presented on the topic of Waarden-vol lokaal bestuur in een turbulente netwerksamenleving in Purmerend on 4 November 2017

Dr. Scott Douglas chaired the second panel of the NIG Annual Work Conference 2017 on the topic of  Understanding Successful Public Governance.

Dr. Lieske van der Torre chaired the second panel of the NIG Annual Work Conference 2017 on the topic of  Understanding Successful Public Governance.

SPG program overview, Nov 2017

Paul 't Hart presented at the Concluding Event of the 'Zoektocht Naar het Handwerk van de Overheidsmanager' (Quest for the Craft of the Public Manager), at Sociëteit De Witte, The Hague on 20 November 2017. His presentation is about 'Vijf Jaar Zoeken naar 'Ambtelijk Vakmanschap': En Nu? [Five Years of Searching for the Public Servant's Craft: And Now?].

Mallory Compton presented a paper titled “Dynamic Transformational Mechanisms in Policy Success and Failure” to theGDN III – Round II Conference: Policy Design and Mechanisms: Why a better understanding of causal mechanisms can improve policy design, December 1-2, in Florence, Italy at the Scuola Normale Superiore, Palazzo Strozzi.

Paul 't Hart presented the findings of the Evaluatiecommissie Politiewet 2012, a government appointed independent committee evaluating the 2012 Police Law (which set in motion the amalgamation of 25 regional police forces into one national police organization, the largest reorganization in Dutch government history) to the senior leadership group of the Dutch police, on December 14 at Huis 't Velde, Warnsveld.

Paul 't Hart gave a lecture on on policy and collaborative success on 6 March 2018 at Utrecht University

Lieske van der Torre gave a presentation on Maatschappelijke meerwaarde bij arbeidsintegratie on 9

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