Understanding Success in Government Workshop, ECPR Joint Session 2018

April 18, 2018

Stefanie Beyens (Director, University of Utrecht) and Allen McConnell (Co-director, University of Sydney) chaired the Understanding Success in Government Workshop of ECPR Joint Session at the University of Nicosia, 10-14 April 2018.


Stefanie commented the conference that “The ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops is my favourite conference. For 4 days, about 15 scholars discuss each other’s papers on a common topic. It doesn’t happen very often that you have the full attention of a room of scholars for about an hour. Moreover, with one central topic on the table, there is time to discuss conceptual, operationalization, methodological issues thoroughly. Allan McConnell and I thought that Understanding Success in Government was a great topic to organize a workshop on. Getting together with a variety of scholars, we had the opportunity to talk about a great range of things: policy implementation in EU member states and in Peruvian school districts, disaster risk reduction in Haiti and questionable best practices in anti-corruption policies in Botswana and Singapore, about policy change durability in the Australian pension system and in West-European institutes of higher education, and about theoretical advances in areas of disproportionate policy responses, mismatches between performance and reputation in the public sector, and the light and dark side of successful policies and organisations. It led to fruitful discussions on existing papers, and many more ideas on new ones. As a workshop, it was a resounding success.”


For abstracts and papers please see here.





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